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Project Description

Frontdesk is a form creator and autoresponder program designed in Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2. It contains a custom member/security implementation, admin area, and lots of flexibility in form & autoresponder creation. It uses an integrated WYSIWYG editor & form field drag-and-drop.

Originally this project was going to become a small product, but I've decided to open up the code so people can learn from what I did. It includes a good example of a variable length form field handler, validation, custom model binder, and more. There is also an IoC pattern implemented with Ninject, so there is good use of Interface design. Overall, this is a tight pattern with room for improvement (resource-file text, better validation via MVC 3, etc. all stand to get smarter).

I've included a data schema project for SQL and a data generation/transformation plan. If you create a SQL database from that, modify the web.config and web.config.release, you should be up-and-running. PLEASE NOTE that I've added a patch in this CodePlex project for the missing data for FieldTypes (go to Source Code > View Patches > it is a SQL file to use with the INSERTs). Good luck! :)

Please feel free to do what you like, and ideally post any changes or updates back here.

The project is running at for a while longer. If you want to try it before you download the source, email me and I will send you a login...

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